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Welcome to the visual world of Imagination Nature.

Here, you will find the photography of Dell R. Cullum.

He presently resides in his home town of East Hampton, New York, where he is surrounded by amazing ocean shore sunrises and an abundance of magnificent wildlife.

 Dell's passion for wildlife has taken him around the world, filming all of our spectacular wildlife.

His 4 years in the Teton Valley of Idaho (2006-2010) yielded a massive collection of photos and film from both Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks and the beautiful surrounding landscapes of Idaho, Wyoming,  Montana and Utah.

 Dell shoots both in vivid colors and black and white. Although he is best known for his stunningly "close up and personal" wildlife photography, he is well accomplished in ALL genres and styles, particularly landscapes, aerial, action, glamour and fashion.

He hosts multiple photography workshop series during the summer months, has work in both gallery events and establishments all over the Hamptons, and is a credited contributing photographer for the East Hampton Star newspaper,and EAST Magazine. Whether it's about his photography, passion for wildlife or crusade to end litter on the east end, Dell has been written about in many newspapers from the New York Times and Newsday to all the local papers and magazines in the Hamptons.


 He has also produced several local films including two local television programs.

His popular "Imagination Nature" television show is 15 episodes and counting, with 2 one hour specials.

 Dell also released his first book in November of 2015 titled, "Eden of East Hampton: Village Nature Trail". Originally started in 2012 to be a photo book, it has evolved into a  historical record of a very special location in East Hampton Village. The first print of 250 hard cover copies sold out in 8 days. The second print is now available in soft cover.


Dell Cullum can be hired to photograph anything from private shoots to parties (except weddings), personal requests and staged shots to assist artistic paintings. Have camera will travel.

Looking for that special photo(s) for your home or office?

Dell has an extensive catalog of beautiful photographic images covering almost every subject matter. He'll work with you personally to find the perfect piece.

Need an aerial shot or a photo from a unique angle?

One of Dell's UAV drones will be able to capture the shot for sure. Call for details (see contact at bottom).

Special Requests? Absolutely,... and if your request

calls for a specialty photographer, Dell has a small network of outstanding professionals he'd love to recommend for your weddings, concerts, underwater shoots, celebrity & high profile persons or events,

Infant, baby and family portraits, insurance, FEMA or security related needs. Dell also does photo restoration.

Have a scratched or torn photograph you'd like restored?

Dell does amazing digital photo restoration.




At a very young age, with his father's 8mm wind-up movie camera, Dell and the neighbor kids would re-create their favorite Irwin Allen movies on 3 minute celluloid reels.

At the age of 15, Dell wrote his first screenplay, "Fins of Death". At that time, he was introduced to Andrea Rose, a NYC Fashion Designer who would later become a well known inventor, and she drew sketches of the characters and their wardrobe for his screenplay. Ms. Rose then arraigned an appointment for Dell to have his screenplay reviewed by the great Otto Preminger, in person. Dell met with Mr. Preminger at the Columbia Pictures office in NYC, and he left with a life changing experience that would follow him to this day.


Once he began filming motion at his wildlife and ocean still shoots, his library of unique and wonderful footage grew as quickly as his still collections. The wildlife footage would eventually, and still is used for Dell's local television show "Imagination Nature". The scenic ocean footage, along with his drone footage is often released in short films he produces for his YouTube channel (Dell Cullum) and his social media page (Facebook: Imagination Nature). In 2012, Dell produced a promo film for award winning illustrator Billy Tucci. He has since filmed several Music Videos for local musicians, advertisements for local businesses, films of local special events, holiday specials and two mesmerizing introduction films for two "Longhouse Reserve" special events.


In 2014, Dell produced a 30 minute film titled "Cleaning the Sands of Time" which was aired on LTV in April of 2014 and ran all summer long. It was repeated this past year (2015) and continues to spread a very important message about the trash and litter issue that plagues the beautiful ocean shorelines of East Hampton and beyond, as well as the importance of correcting these issues.


Isabela: a Green Explorer Expedition - Dell Cullum's first feature length documentary was premiered on Aug. 21, 2016 to a standing room only crowd at Mulford Farm in East Hampton Village, NY.

A second public screening will take place on October 13th, 2016 at the LTV Studios in East Hampton.

An exhibit of Dell's photographs from his adventure in the Galapagos will accompany the screening.

The film is also being considered for two film festivals in the United States.

"Cleaning the Sands of Time"

Billy Tucci's "A Child is Born"

Comic Book Release Promo Short

Longhouse Reserve: Benefit Introduction

July 2015

Katherine Che' - music video

Bob Marley cover

The Montauk Project - Music Video

Filmed LIVE at Gansett Trash Bash 2014

Buckley's Flower Farm - 2015

Social Media Commercial


Dell is in the business of Wildlife Rescue and 100% Humane Removal, with over 25 years of experience in several states. He combined his two passions of wildlife and film, and created "Dell Cullum's Imagination Nature" television show. His self produced show explores both his wildlife stills AND motion photography, with plenty of raw knowledge and education added, to better understand the wildlife that he discusses in each episode. Each show also includes a special guest and bonus segment.


Episode Ten is the much talked about hour special, where Dell's long time pal Vincent Easavoli takes him on a spectacular tour of the Florida Keys, examining new and exciting wildlife, with some very special guests.


Besides the LTV schedule, Imagination Nature can be viewed on YouTube (Dell Cullum).

Check here for new episodes. Enjoy!

Swimming with the Koi

TV Short 2014

Views of a Snowy Owl

January 1, 2014


Eden of East Hampton by Dell Cullum

Dell Cullum's first book titled "Eden of East Hampton" was released in Dec. 2014 and quickly SOLD OUT. THE SECOND PRINT SOFTCOVERS ARE AVAILABLE NOW. It's a wonderful coffee table book about the beautiful, unique and historic East Hampton Village Nature Trail. Not only will the book be filled with Dell's colorful captured visions of the trails nature and wildlife, but it will also include the complete history, rarely seen photographs and news clippings, and wonderful contributions in both writings and personal photos from several of East Hampton finest folks. Dell has had a connection to the Village Nature Trail as a very young child, and now 50 years later has created a fantastic historical record and never before detailed look at one of East Hampton's most treasured and celebrated landmarks, the Village Nature Trail and Duck Pond. Contact to order standard softcover version @ $50.00. A special Photo Paper hard-cover version can also be ordered from store link below. ALL profits go to supplemental feeding of wildlife at the Nature Trail during the snow covered month AND wildlife rescue necessities. Thank you for your support and compassion for wildlife.

Dell has two new books coming soon.

Note Cards

VINTAGE MONTAUK Note Cards Fort pond bay series

Dell has created a wonderful collection of historic family photographs, digitally restored and sized to nostalgic note cards. Sold in singles or sets of 5, they are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys old photos of the past. Contact Dell for purchasing information or find them at either:

Groundworks @ Hrens (Gift Shop) in East Hampton -or-  Martell's of Montauk

- Click poster to enlarge -

ALL NEW - Volume Two

3" X 5" Stationary Set

12 cards & envelopes

(6 scenes X2)

Vintage Montauk & Fort Pond bay

Volume Two: Set 1


- Click poster to enlarge -


Volume 1 Cards are 5 to a set (3 sets) - $5 singles - $23.00 Sets - $60.00 All 3 Sets


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